At AC Auto Motors, the finance process is simple and easy. We offer a variety of finance options for our customers regardless of their credit situations. We have strong relationships with a variety of lenders. The following are some of the factors that play a role in the finance decision:

Finance 101

Age, cost, and mileage of the vehicle

Information that is reported by the credit agency.

Stability on job and residence, income, rent

The initial investment made by the applicant towards the purchase of the vehicle.

Finance Programs

For those who are financing a car for the first time.

For those who went through a previous bankruptcy.

Applicants who get a fixed monthly income like social security or pension.

We have programs that are tailored for customers who had a reposession in the past. We can help give them a new fresh start.

Our wide range of lenders can accomdate the needs for thos who went through tough times and whose credit is challenged..

With interest rates as low as 1.99%*, we offer very competitive financing solutions for customers.

Monthly Payment Examples

Loan Amount Term in Months APR Monthly Payment Notes
$15,000 60 10% $319 Financing $15K at 10% for 60 months.
$13,500 60 10% $287 Decreasing your loan amount by 10% decreases your monthly by about 10%.
$15,000 66 10% $297 Increasing your term by 10 % decreases your payment by about 7%.
$15,000 60 9% $311 Decreasing your APR by 1% decreases your payment by about 2.5%.